Is it physically demanding being a carrier?
-No! The job is not physically demanding, but if you are fit, when you start the job, most likely you will
become even more fit. The carriers are using bikes, electric bicycles, mopeds or cars as transportation.

Is it possible working part-time?
-Yes. It is possible to have less routes which give short or few work days.
We have many employees who work part-time.

What does a carrier earn?
-A carrier earns xxx Danish kroner per hour + pension + holiday pay if you work in pace 100 which
approximately correspond to distributing “walking briskly”. If you do it faster you will earn similarly more. A
fast carrier who works full-time earns about 21-23.000 Danish kroner per month.

Why is not possible to work during the day?
-We distribute morning papers which must be delivered at the customers address typically before 06.30 a.m.
Therefore, it is necessary to distribute at night.

Are there any career options in your organization?
-We have carriers who have been members of staff for many years and have had the same routes. However,
we also have employees who have had many different routes, and now are head of department or district
manager and work at the office.

Do I need to bring my own bicycle or car?
-We make different agreements concerning transportation with our carriers. Some carriers bring their own
bicycle, while others borrow a vehicle from us. We have many electric bicycles and scooters at the disposal
of our employees.

Is it piecework meaning that I earn more money if I do the job quickly?
-The routes are measured up in time in accordance with the trade union. You receive the same salary
regardless of how fast you are.  

How long does it typically take before I am fast on my route?
-After a couple of weeks most carriers have got a lot of routine, but you will become faster and faster
because you learn different tricks and shortcuts all the time. If you have never been a carrier before, we will
help you and properly introduce you to the job.

Is it difficult to be a carrier?
-No, it is not difficult. However, you must be thorough because there are many addresses and shipments to
keep track on and they must be delivered correctly. It is a job with responsibilities as we are approved and
trusted with the distribution of confidential letters on par with PostNord.