Here you can read two interviews with two carriers, who have worked for Bladkompagniet for many years:


Freedom and exercise

Marianne has worked as a carrier in Farum for nearly 20 years. For her, the job has become a lifestyle. She enjoys the exercise she gets – and the beautiful summer mornings when the sun rises.

How did it all begin?
-I had a friend who worked for Bladkompagniet. I had always heard that being a carrier was a great job. At that time, I was a mid-level manager in a pharmaceutical company, but I felt the need for change. So I started working a few routes – and it ended up becoming a full-time job.

What does the workday look like?
-I have worked as a carrier for almost 20 years. I love it. In the beginning, I worked regular shifts, but because I am now so experienced, I now work many different routes. I find it easy figuring out addresses, shipments, keys – and the quickest route. So, for me, almost every night is a new route. I often cycle, but I also have routes where I drive or ride an electric bicycle.

What are the benefits of the job?
-The great thing about this job is the freedom. I just have to do my work, but I decide for myself how I schedule my routes. I am also pleased with my colleagues when I stop by the depot. We drink coffee together and talk about anything and everything. There is a great sense of community at the depot.

Is it difficult?
-No, the job is not difficult. However, it can be a bit tough if it is really cold or raining a lot. Yet, I have many routes where I am on my bicycle. But with the right clothing, I can easily stay warm.

Is working night shifts tough?
-Not for me – I am a night person. So the job suits me perfectly. I do grocery shopping on the way home when the stores are not filled with people. Then I prepare a packed lunch and send my son off to school. When he gets home, I am well rested and we can spend time together.

What do you think of the salary?
-The salary is fine. You are paid according to desert. The quicker you are, the more you are paid. It is actually piecework. I have a young colleague who can finish the routes in half the time. He gets paid really, really well because he is so fast.

Will you retire as a carrier?
-I have a colleague who is 74 years old. She is tough, and she still works. I also know a married couple that walk a route together every night. They are retired, but enjoy having something waking up to. I also think I will continue for as long as it is fun. And it still is.



I am my own boss

Damian has worked as a carrier for multiple years and has lived in several countries. He was raised in Poland but now lives in Denmark where he works as a night carrier though he actually used to work as a warehouse manager.

How did it all begin?
-For a period, many years ago, I worked as a carrier in Denmark. I liked it, but I wanted to travel the world. So I have lived in a couple of other countries. Now, I have returned and for the last couple of years I have been a carrier.

What do you think about the job?
-I am very pleased with it. I am my own boss. There are deadlines that need to be met, but besides that, I am fully in charge of my day. It suits me well that I can plan my own work.

What makes a great carrier?
-A great carrier makes no wrong deliveries, is fast and makes sure to meet deadlines. And delivers the packages without being rained on. It takes 3-4 days to learn a route. However, it takes longer time to become fast and knowing all the little tricks that saves you time. Some of my experienced colleagues are really fast – they come home early.

What about the pay?
-Many of my colleagues do extra routes, so they earn more. I also take on extra routes almost every day. I know many of the routes by heart so I am quick. That is why I also earn extra money. After all, we work on some sort of measured piecework. So the more routes and deliveries, the more money.


Are you in good shape?
-I have been in better shape, back when I rode all my routes on bike. Now I mostly ride a scooter. However, constantly I have to get on and off the scooter, walk up stairs and so on. So yes, I guess I am in good shape. Before I became a carrier, I used to work out. There is no need for that any more.

Do you miss having colleagues?
-I have plenty of colleagues that I meet with every day at the depot, prior to driving out on the routes. We have a nice time, joke and drink coffee. I have known many of the colleagues for several years. It is all good.