Carrier in Jylland postcode 9530 Støvring

Carrier jobs available

We offer a good and varied job between 10-25 hours a week. You must distribute/deliver newspapers, magazines, letters and small packages. You must work at night.

You start at the depot where you do your pre-round preparation. At the depot you also meet your colleagues – who are doing their pre-round preparation – getting ready to drive on their round.

  • A work day that varies, where you schedule the work yourself
  • Workhours between 03.00 and 07.00 AM
  • Distribution of mail, newspapers and magazines
  • Routes in your local neighborhood
  • Few language requirements – you must be able to read and understand Danish addresses and house numbers
  • Thorough training by experienced colleague
  • Lots of fresh air and exercise
  • A great sense of community with the colleagues
  • 3F’s union agreement with DMA

We expect

  • You do your job professionally and quality-consciously
  • You are responsible and conscientious
  • You can work through all kinds of weather at night
  • You are a great colleague

A serious job for adults

The job gives fresh air and lots of exercise – and good colleagues. If you’re not in good shape when you start, you’ll be in shape quickly. We make sure you get trained, so you can start quickly and easily with success.

You have to work in any weather, so you also receive company clothing. You must be prepared to work on holidays as well as in the weekends.

You must be thorough and conscientious because it is important that everyone receives the correct mail at their address. That is why we are looking for mature and independent distributors.

You must work in accordance with the Postal law/Act. This means, among other things, that all the mail must be treated professionally, confidentially and delivered with the highest quality to the correct recipient – on time.

We are looking forward to hear from you.



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